At present, I charge $195/hour, billing in 1/10 hour increments.  I am careful with your money; as a sole practitioner I understand how difficult these economic times are.  I set my advance fee deposit (retainer) based on the individual circumstances of each case. After we discuss your matter, I will let you know what deposit I’d need to begin your case.   My typical  fee deposit is $2,000, but again, that can vary with the situation.   I hold that advance fee deposit in my Trust Account, billing against it, so you see exactly where your money is going every month.  I require that you sign a Fee Agreement, which explains my billing, and encourage you to ask any questions you may have.

I enjoy refunding any excess deposit –  it simply depends on how many hours your matter takes.   In some cases (especially where trial is a likelihood) I will require an additional advance fee deposit, but often if your original deposit has been used, you may pay my monthly billing statement without an additional lump sum down.

I now accept major credit cards.

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