Wills, Power of Attorney, etc.

There are several documents to be considered while planning your estate: a Will, Community Property Agreement, Health Care Directive (sometimes called a living will), Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney (often both Powers of Attorney are in one document) and in very limited situations, a trust. Additionally you can title assets with the use of tools such as beneficiary designations on insurance policies and pensions, joint tenancy with right of survivorship common to bank accounts, motor vehicles and real estate, and payable on death and transfer on death designations.     A prenuptial agreement is another important estate-planning tool for some couples.

I have a flat fee for almost all my estate planning services:

$125.00 Simple Will

$175.00 Simple Wills for both husband and wife, if substantially similar documents.

$225.00 Simple Trust Will – usually drafted to provide for control of children’s assets, to avoid expensive guardianships and to provide control beyond a child’s 18th birthday.

$275.00 Simple Trust Wills for both husband and wife, if substantially similar documents.

Free Health Care Directive (living will)

$40.00 Community Property Agreement (recommended only for some couples).

$35.00 Health Care Durable Power of Attorney

$50.00 Durable Power of Attorney, or husband and wife Reciprocal Durable Power of Attorney (includes health care powers)

Let me know if you’d like my free information packet.  There is no obligation, and I won’t contact you unless you request I do so.   If you’d like to contact me to schedule an appointment, I’d be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your individual needs, or answer simple questions on the phone if I can.

I also can assist in probating an estate; processing the Will through the Superior Court, which normally results in Letters Testamentary being issued to the named Personal Representative, so that person can conduct estate business, pay any bona fide debts of the estate, file the last tax return and distribute property per the Will.  I perform those services at my standard hourly rate.

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